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Asthma Action Plan

Make sure you have a plan for your child with asthma, and follow it.  Update it each year, or if things change. And make sure that the school has a copy of the plan.

An Asthma Action Plan states:

  1. What you do every day to prevent asthma (green zone). Especially, what medications does your child take, how much, and when.
  2. What to do when asthma flares up (yellow zone): which medications, how much, when; in school, who to call; and what to look for.
  3. What to do in case of a bad attack (red zone): medications; who to call; when to get urgent care.

Here are some links to asthma action plans that I think are clear and helpful.

CDC (Centers for Disease Control):

Minnesota Department of Health: (Plans in English and Spanish):

[this page was last updated by Robert Needlman, on 11-25-2018]

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