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Books for Gay and Lesbian Parents (and Parents of Gay and Lesbian Children)

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This page is a work in progress, where we will post reviews of the books we love that might be especially useful to parents who identify as gay or lesbian, or bi, or other.  I hope these books are helpful for all parents and children, to expand everyone’s sense of what it means to parent and be parented.

Along that vein, take a look at this article about children’s books that build inclusiveness.  The article comes from my friend Dipesh Navsaria, who is both a pediatrician and a children’s librarian, and who is medical director for the Wisconsin branch of Reach Out and Read.

Books to Build Values

I’ll add more books as they come to my notice; meanwhile, please feel free to write in with your recommendations!

And Tango Makes Three, by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell

A true story about a pair of male penguins in the New York City Zoo who rear a chick together.  I got this book as a present from one of my students, a pediatrician-internal medicine doctor who is a champion for all children, including those who’ve been traditionally excluded and put down.  It’s really a delightful book, with good drawings, good humor, an engaging text, and a powerful message.  Children 3 and up are likely to understand it; younger children will enjoy the pictures and the pretty-sounding words.

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