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Parent Advocacy Groups

Wrightslaw: When you enter the realm of advocacy, you find yourself in a middle zone, with one foot in the world of Education, one foot in Medicine, and one foot (if you had three!) in the Law.  A good guide, I’ve found, is Wrightslaw, founded by Pete and Pam Wright.  As far as I can tell, the information is solid, and the site is not about making money (although you can buy books written by the Wrights).  If you want to learn about advocacy, legal issues affecting children with learning problems and other problems, and find links to advocacy groups, check out:

NORD, the National Organization for Rare Disorders, can link you to parent advocacy groups for many rare and genetic disorders, along with networking and publications:

(800) 999-6673.

Specific to Autism:  Autism Speaks is probably the leading national autism research, education, and advocacy group.

The general page is:   Autism Speaks

The Advocacy page is:  Autism Speaks Parent Advocacy

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